1. Another little monster guy! At this point, I’m clearly not following through with inktober, but i thought it’d be a cute thing to share :)

  2. I’m jumping on the inktober bandwagon late! I wanted to draw a little guy for some potential future projects. Stay tuned ;)

  3. Say my name say my name #type #handlettering

  4. New type sketch

  5. just a quick robber illustration. Messing around in photoshop.

  6. backpack illustration! although I no longer go to school, I was feeling nostalgic. Since this is around when you usually start getting ready :D

  7. Breakfast! made using kyletwebster's ultimate screentone brushes. hear that sizzle :P

  8. Practicing some #handlettering using my new brush pen! Obviously the first thing I make is a tribute to my #Buffalove #hometownpride

  9. starting a new series. flat x-ray vision.

  10. cooler illustration. the 4th is almost here ;)